My Life Through My Words



Days are gone but neither the sun shines through the window nor does it rains in the morning, I forgot the last time I saw a creamy white moonlight with a soothing breeze touched my soul and refreshed my inner mind with inner peace. They say failure is a part of life but what if you make it a part of your life, Time never stops for anyone that we all know but how many of us know that we should also not stop with time. This is me trying to buy some time for myself who lost everything in hurry as I forgot life is not 2 minutes masala noodles life is an biography of an old famous writer which gets deeper and meaningful as we turn pages. Even if you shake up with your best friend and want to go on and scribble everything in your sketch book of life there you go and might be for some strange reason or stupid idiotic innocence matter you messed up with your friend then there you lose sone bright colors of your sketch book. Life is nothing without friends true… but life should also say conditions apply…!!

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